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The Ventresca of Red Tuna is the most tender and precious part of the Tuna, as it covers the sides and abdominal cavities. It is soft and delicate on the palate.
The Ventresca of Red Tuna is made up of very fine and very delicate fillets, preserved in olive oil. Its name derives from its origin, as it is obtained from the noblest part of the bluefin tuna: that of the belly.
We are talking about a very particular and difficult to find cut, precisely because it can be obtained from a small portion of Red Tuna. We use the best techniques to ensure that the cut takes place in the best way, essential for obtaining the highest quality meat. The special taste of Red Tuna Ventresca and its particular softness derive from the abundance of lipids present inside the meat, rich in Omega 3 and with numerous nutritional properties.


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